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About the Hotel


Times have changed since the Erie Hotel was built in 1890 when the Erie Lackawanna Railroad was bustling and local businesses were thriving. At the Erie we look back to those days with our original german hand carved back bar from the late 1800’s, railroad momentos and many framed photographs of Port Jervis from the city’s heyday.

Our family purchased the Erie Hotel in 1986 and oversaw a complete restoration in 1994 after a fire severely damaged the building. All along we have made it our obligation to treat our community, employees and our customers like they were a part of our family.

History of the Erie


The Erie Hotel & Restaurant in the Padgen Building at 9 Jersey Street was one of several of "railroad hotels" that were built around the Port Jervis Erie Railroad station to serve passenger train travelers on the Erie's busy New York-to-Buffalo and Chicago main line route. Railroad hotels offered guests overnight accommodations, full restaurant service and quick meals for passengers on brief stopovers.

In 1890 a Mr. Padgen bought the land at 9 Jersey Street, tore down an old blacksmith shop there, and built the Padgen Building, where Charles and Jacob Bauer opened a new hotel and restaurant. It was called "one of the neatest and brightest little hotels along the Erie line." The hotel slept 40 guests and served meals 24 hours a day. Conveniences included steam heat, hot and cold running water, electricity and gas lights. The taproom featured a "handsome mahogany bar" and a modern refrigerator. The hotel also included a "sample room," a common feature of the era where traveling salesmen could display examples of their wares to potential purchasers. In 1901 the establishment became the "Hotel Erie," run by T. Hunt Brock. Brock offered "special accommodations for tourists" for 50 cents a night, and a 150-seat restaurant called "the finest appointed dining room in the city." By 1942 ownership shifted to the Carroll family who renamed it the Hotel Carroll and ran it for over 30 years. The Brink family bought the Erie Hotel in 1986 and restored it in 1994 as The Erie Hotel and Restaurant.

Stay at the Erie


Planning a vacation, late night celebrations, or just a long weekend, come stay at the Erie! Affordable rates for rooms with both Queen sized and Full sized beds; each room has access to free WiFi, and TV.


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